Celtic Cold Stores 

The demand for well-located temperature-controlled cold storage facilities in the UK is being driven by a number of recent market forces such as the Covid-19 pandemic , Brexit, and the increasing popularity of online grocery shopping.

The large multi-national food companies are able to invest in their own cold storage facilities however for SME’s it is not cost-effective for them to invest in such facilities for their storage requirements.

As a result, there is a shortage of temperature-controlled facilities in the UK.

Celtic Cold Storage Limited was set up in May 2020 in order to provide temperature-controlled storage (chilled and frozen) and co-packing services mainly for the SME food sector in Wales. The company has been set up by a management team with over 60 years of experience within the UK Food Sector.

The company has a 10,000 sq ft cold storage facility in Merthyr Tydfil , with a 1000 pallet capacity, plus associated co-packing rooms.

Our customer base include large food production companies and smaller local producers, as well as supermarkets and high street stores. We specialise in niche food sector markets where we accommodate product from abroad to go into the major UK retail markets.

We are fully BRC accredited and provide stringent food sector hygiene standards. Our warehouse is protected by state of the art security equipment, providing alarms and cameras throughout the facility.

Our Objectives

  • Full commitment to all our customers

Customers are the heart of our business without a trusting relationship we can not grow the business. We as directors believe in partnership, trust and giving the best service we can and we expect all our staff to follow suit.

  • Identify areas for improvement and continually strive for a more effective and efficient product safety and quality system

Our commitment to all our stakeholders at Celtic Cold Storage is to never stop improving by constantly monitoring health and safety systems alongside the quality management system.

  • To ensure the Directors of the company participate in all areas of the business and give our full support

This is driven by knowing our senior team  and staff, working closely and trusting each person to give their best, and offering full support

  • Work together and make decisions together

Teamwork, group weekly meetings with every department enables everyone to have their say, be heard have a group discussion and follow through with their actions, as directors, we encourage our teams to make the right decision and implement the changes necessary.

  • Make sure our Quality systems are driven throughout the business

Hold HACCP meetings monthly with one member of each area, review and implement changes, product safety is paramount to Celtic’s customers and  development.

Our warehouse facility in Merthyr under construction – May 2020